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Star ❨x❩ Boy

Jun 25, 2021

Mini Gestures

Well Clearly this Extension had not Been updated for Awhile. Now but it really is A Great gesture Extension and i would surely Like to see You begin working on it once Again its virtual it isnt physical so it basically cant Get old however it can surely become outdated in an Ever updatong environment it will become unstable and Lack uability aswel as Good enough Features Like opening A custom url Like dolphin can on Android id Like to swipe my Mouse cursor back And foward to Switch tabs near each other

Ivan Masár

Jul 26, 2019

Re-open Last Closed Tab doesn't restore tab history

I'm pretty sure "Re-open Last Closed Tab" worked like ctrl-shift-t before - restoring a tab also restored its history (accessible via the forward/back browser button). "Re-open Last Closed Tab" doesn't restore tab history now as of Chrome 75.

Jamie Martin

Apr 3, 2019

Blacklist Option

It would be nice to have a blacklist or whitelist option so I can have miniGestures not run on certain sites.

Pablo Rosciani

Jun 29, 2018

JS Error

Right click (without moving the mouse) gives the following error:

19:00:01.129 mouseTrack.js:196 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).rmousedown is not a function
at HTMLDocument.document.onmouseup (mouseTrack.js:196)
document.onmouseup @ mouseTrack.js:196

BTW, great extension.


Jan 25, 2018

Trail color not working?


Plugin works great! First one so far where new-tab-gesture also works on links (link opens in new tab). Yay!

Problem: Gesture trail color is always black for me. Default was set to red but it was black from the start. I tried switching to other colors but it doesn't seem to work.

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 30, 2017

Rocker gestures don't work if click and hold right mouse button

If I click and hold the right mouse button for a couple seconds, then the miniGestures stops working in the tab.

Toru Nagashima

Aug 30, 2017

Super heavy on GitHub PR pages

Recently, miniGestures is super heavy on GitHub PR pages.

Repro step:

1. Open
2. Scroll to bottom of the page.
3. Use a gesture (e.g. Scroll to top).

A Chrome Web Store user

May 9, 2017

Re-open Last Closed Tab only works for one tab

Entering the Re-open Last Closed Tab gesture more than once opens multiple copies of the same tab.

It would be more useful if it behaved like Chrome's built-in Control+Shift+T, which opens the last several closed tabs in reverse order.

Vítězslav Žurek

Apr 21, 2017

stopped working!

This does not work now. Not sure if it worked before :-\

Herbert Müller

Jan 26, 2017

Options to disable gestures. Add cacheless reload

1) Add an option to disable the gestures in the addon, please. I sync settings/addons across my devices but touchscreen devices (tablet) have issues with gestures - no rightclick working (long press)

2) can you add cacheless reload, please (STR+F5)?


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