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Ross McNeil

Mar 22, 2020

Closing Chromebook pauses music

This seems to be a new behavior. Lately when I close my chromebook it pauses the music playing on the squeezeplayer that is linked to this extension.
The Chromebook is a Lenovo 500e
ChromeOS is Version 81.0.4044.42 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

Let me know what other info I can provide.

Mark Terrell

Oct 14, 2017

does not work

doesn't work. error is always:

This site can’t be reached

localhost refused to connect.
Search Google for localhost 9000

Bruce Walton

Dec 8, 2016

nice app

I like it, would be better if there were a way to make it sticky.

Chris Huber

Feb 23, 2014

Doesn't Work any more

It does not work, just the server link is still working ... what's wrong?

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