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Werner Boshoff

Oct 1, 2020

Mind Meister extention not showing in the Chrome even though it is installed.

Mind Meister extention not showing in the Chrome even though it is installed.


Aug 7, 2020





Brett Foster

Oct 25, 2019

Chrome Issues

Not able to use this app in Chrome.

sven dierckens

May 17, 2019

Tab to select Map


untill about april, i was able to use the quick access only by using a shortcut key -> search + tab to select to correct map.
As of now, I can not use my keyboard alone anymore , i can start my search, but to select the correct map, I need to click with my mouse.
Can you put this functionality back please ?

Thank you

sven dierckens

Apr 2, 2019

Mindmeister Quik access not working anymore


since last week ( about ) the quick access is not working anymore.
The search list is empty.
I only have 2 buttons : New Mindmap / Logout


Dec 22, 2017

업그레이드를 하고 싶은데...

Mindmeister Basic 사용중인데, 이틀만에 반해버렸어요. 업그레이드를 하고 싶은데, 웹상에서 어떻게 결제 하는지 방법을 몰라서 헤매고 있어요. 나이가 50대 중반이다보니... 휴대폰 결제는 안되는지? 안내를 부탁합니다.

Marc Karimi

Jan 8, 2014

Allow opening MindMap in current tab

The quick access extension is GREAT. Thank you. Would be great if you could allow MindMaps to open in current tab instead of defaulting to opening in new tab. Thanks again! HUGE fan and HUGE user of MindMeister, Marc.

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