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Secret Superstar

Mar 31, 2024

Login Issue

Login with Google Button generates no response and when directly try to login with email, it always shows wrong password. But I can't find where to reset password.

Todd Aaron

Nov 27, 2023

I added it to my Chrome browser but it doesn't let me login

It doesn't let me login via my Gmail email address or manually entering my email address and password. Please help. Thank you.

Soham Bhattacharya

Nov 8, 2023

Unable to login

I installed it on my chromium based Microsoft edge & it seems like I am unable to login, people in the comment section also seems to face the same dilemma. I hope the developer fixes it.

Vicky Dubin

Jan 30, 2023

Can't log in on new computer

I used to have MindHero and had to replace my computer and am trying to set it up again on Chrome on this new computer, but I can't proceed past the login page as if the login buttons don't correspond to anything.

Prince Raj

Feb 4, 2022

Retrieving my daily data

I've been using your extension for a long time and enjoy it, so first and foremost, thank you for creating such a lovely chrome extension. I work as a web developer in my early twenties. I'm conducting some data analysis with seaborn and matplotlib. So I was attempting to retrieve the saved data in my cached files, but I could not do so, most likely due to the hashing scheme you employed. On Discord, I told my friends and acquaintances about my problem, but they could not obtain the information. I want to receive the data in its unprocessed state. Please assist me in getting the information that I require.

Sincerely yours

Raj, Prince

Rifqi Ibrahim

Aug 31, 2021

Can't log in

Installed it on Edge with no proble, then installed on Chrome with the same account, but it gave me incorrect password, which was weird because i stored the email and password on password manager, so it shouldn't be incorrect.

Lasith Manujitha

Jul 22, 2021

Can't login or signup an account.

I can't create or login using google account.

Aryan Raj

Jul 16, 2021

Login issues

I'm using this extension for last months in chrome and it's amazing. But as I switched the browser, I'm unable to log in my account into any new browser either via Google or gmail. I want you to fix it ASAP!

Vinit Singh

May 21, 2021

Double counting the activity time.

I think it double counts the activity time. For every hour I see the maximum usage go up to 120 mins. How is that possible when there are only 60 mins in an hour.

Carlos Sainz-Simmonds

Apr 22, 2021

Background sounds

I've had a problem where once I'm finished with a pomodoro, the ambient sound cointinues after I close the chrome tab. I then take a Teams call, and can't turn off the ambient noise without opening Mind Hero and closing it just to turn the sound off

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