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Adrian Kant

May 24, 2017

Reversed first character

See others - adding this to show it is lots of users. Tried contacting via Github but no issues or contact info for it, and not going to PR it myself right now :/

Carson Carlisle

May 3, 2017

Reverse first character

Hey -

On Outlooks webmail site (no others that I could find), when you're typing into a new email box, the first you typed would type, and then the cursor would immediately go back to the first position on the line (meaning typing "hello" would be "elloh").

This only happened on the first character of the line, and only in outlooks webmail from what I could see.

Additionally, the delete key would not work if you selected an entire line - it would instead move the cursor to the first position of the line.

Using up-to-date chrome on a mac.

Capt Ocie

Apr 30, 2017

text input on facebook backwards on this one as well

just as with the original millenials to snakepeople, this one is similarly causing text to input tghir ot tfel on facebook :/

Google apps