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Max Bragin

May 12, 2024

I cannot log in

It just says "Invalid username or password" all the time

Rick Kittelson

Jan 13, 2024

Increasing Font Border Size of Subtitles in Japanese Crashes Extension

While watching a video with English subtitles edited in, I wanted to block the video English subtitles with the Migaku subtitles in Japanese. Since there is no option for a black background box (which would be nice) I attempted to crank the subtitle border way up. When I hit 13 the Migaku extension crashed, and no amount of reloading, restarting, or anything besides fully removing and restarting setup from scratch would fix it.

Jeison Martínez

Dec 3, 2022

Could not unzip extension

it says that "Could not unzip extension"

D Anderson

May 3, 2022

Chrome exension Immerse With Migaku - Beta installation

I had an older version from last year installed in my Vivalidi(Chromium) browser. I removed it to let me install newer version. But now I see no way to install the extension.

Bau Senh Voong

Mar 5, 2022


I am unable to send a verification to my Hotmail. On my Chromebook please help.

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