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Redwan Rabbi Hoque

Jan 4, 2024

Webpage Freezing and Unresponsive

recently, a lot of the domains i visit (example youtube) starts freezing. I cannot click anywhere during that time period and wait for a while to even be able to move the webpage up and down much less interact with it. I would usually close the webapage or disable the extension. Not sure what changed as it was working just fine before and starting last month so many websites just crash.


Dec 22, 2023

Not working on https//

It doesn't seem to work on https//, or

But if I click on any of the titles within the website, like "News (, "Entertainment," "Money" or "Sports" it then works. Hope you could look into this.

Raul Duran

May 12, 2023

Colors incorrect on Edge/Windows 11 on all sites after installing Midnight Lizzard

I installed Midnight Lizard on Edge/Windows 11. The extension changed all sites by default a dark background, even when I excluded specific sites, or after removing the extension completely. I "repaired" Edge and the problem persists. I installed other competing dark theme extensions and they won't "correct" the effects Midnight Lizard had on the browser.


Mar 31, 2023

Why can't it work on google sheets, the sheet cell and row part does not appear :(

the google sheets inside does not appear :(
this extension is criminaly underrated! its so amazing, its the only extension that does not invert emojis. and show them properly but i wish it worked on google sheets.

Glendale Walter

Sep 29, 2022

Ignores, etc, etc

Midnight Lizard ignores and other search platforms by default thru Opera GX Browser.

Bob Stuntsville

Mar 17, 2021

text flashing on google docs

sometimes when I type words on google docs, the text flashes when I type new characters. another problem is when I type, sometimes google docs gives that suggested line thing, where youre typing something like "social me" and it suggests adding "dia" and you just press tab to autofill. whatever those are work fine, but the suggested text, which is normally more faded than the normal text, is now the same color. would be nice if that text was faded. I dont thinks its prominent enough to add a new slider, so idk about that. the second problem isnt really a big deal, the first problem is the big thing for me personally, so fix that first if you can. I use a custom scheme of dimmed dust, if that helps with anything.


Mar 15, 2021

Stars should not be recolored (less bright/saturated = ok)

Star rating stars shouldn't be changed, except to be made less intense.

The stars are not easy to read with most of the color schemes I've tried, and creating exceptions is either not easy or possible.

This is the main reason I need to disable the extension for some websites, or use a non-night-mode scheme like Morning Mist, which reduces the brightness.



Mar 10, 2021

Issue with metro map

Hi! There is an issue in that page (Interactive scheme of Moscow rapid transit incl. metro). Please try to fix it.

Aayush Mittal

Dec 29, 2020

Not working correctly with facebook

Not working correctly with facebook

Lettuce Cobbler Twinkie

Aug 1, 2020

RGB, and HEX code input support

This is a REALLY brilliant extension that has done a whole lot better than the other ones I installed, but I am wondering if it can become possible to change a elements colors by inputting RGB, or HEX color codes so I can set a websites (elements) colors to a custom color?
Can you guys integrate this as a feature when using the extension?
Lettuce Cobbler Twinkie

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