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Mikhail Gavrilov

Apr 18, 2024

I cant signin in my outlook web account.

Extension are broken. I cant signin in my outlook web account. All I see is an endless animation of the envelope being sealed.

Gaye Maris

Mar 16, 2024

outlook sigh in

I have never been able to sigm in to Outlook. I need to be able sign in, AND access emails from the old Hotmail account.

AndersoN FariaS

Mar 13, 2024

Não consigo logar

Não consigo logar, esta funcionando normalmeten?

AndersoN FariaS

Mar 8, 2024

Não consigo logar

não consigo logar na extensão do chrome

Gerry Revai

Feb 7, 2024

can't access my hotmail account

Hi, I can't access my hotmail account using my outlook icon. If I go to, it tells me that it is unsafe.

Morgane Hanryon

Jan 24, 2024

No working

Hello, i can't log in as all the others comments. Did you find any solution ?

Brian Bailey

Dec 13, 2023

E- mail

where are my e-mails, how do I now send and recieve, how do I access my historical records

Shane Urban

Nov 2, 2023

Not letting me sign in

I can download the extension but I am unable to sign in reading the reviews this issue appears to have been going on for months FIX IT

Agent “Cheese” Phillips

Oct 17, 2023

cant get my outlook to refresh and get my emails again.

plz help


Sep 13, 2023

Unable to use Reply or Forwrd options in Junk Mail. Was working earlier but now failing why?

The REPLY AND FORWARD are not able to be used on anything in the Junk Mail file. This has worked before August 2023 but now is failing??

Need a repair option for this problem NOW IMMEDIATELY NOW!!!!!

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