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Jarrod Newton

May 20, 2024

This plugin is loading an invisible 'Ratings' pop-up in the top right corner.

This plugin is loading an invisible 'Ratings' pop-up in the top right corner. Because it is invisible, it can't be closed, but it blocks the ability to interact with menu/navigation elements on the site below the popup. I have inspected in dev tools and can confirm that this plugin is responsible.

Anna Steffeney

May 8, 2024

Extension looses authentication

I have to enter into manage extension repeatedly in chrome, as the MSautofill looses authentication,

Guggi Kofod

May 6, 2024

Force 2FA on web browser re-opening or other suitable event

There is no setting to force two-factor authentication via the Microsoft Authenticator. Seems like an oversight.

Vladimir Simakovich

Mar 12, 2024

Drains memory

Latest 2.0.5 version drains memory. JS cache grows and eats gigs of ram. I have to restart browser few times a day. please fix this.

Andre Damaceno

Feb 11, 2024

Firefox Support

Please port this extension to firefox as well!

Andre Damaceno

Feb 11, 2024

No Firefox support

Please port this extension to firefox as well!

Andre Damaceno

Feb 11, 2024

Firefox Port

Please port this extension to firefox as well!!

Domenico Fortunato

Jan 27, 2024

Not truly Syncing with Chrome Password Manager

I use Chrome on Windows 10 and I already have my password managed my Chrome Password Manager.
After installing this Microsoft Extension and after having run the syncing successfully, unfortunately I don't see the same password that are into Chrome Password Manager. Looks the sync is not working.
While I understand I can manually import those password from Chrome into this Extension as kind of of workaround (which is NOT what I want), I don't understand why sync is not working in the end. Any suggestion / settings I should update to have sync working?

Abdi Fatah

Jan 14, 2024

there is no apps set on screen

no downlads on screen i have a lot of problem for this situation please solve it

Maximilian Neubert

Dec 27, 2023

Autofill is not working with web components and shadow DOM

Dear Microsoft developers,

I am a software developer using Microsoft Autofill and while developing a web app based on fluentui-blazor I noticed that the Microsoft Autofill extension for Chrome and Brave does not recognize my login form.
The error does not occur in the built-in Firefox password manager, the built-in Google Chrome password manager and also not in Edge which I think is stange since it also works with Microsoft Autofill.

I created a jsfiddle to show what my problem is:
If you click in the password field of the "Working" example, Microsoft Autofill recognizes this as a login form and if you have not generated any passwords so far, it suggests to create a new one. Thats correct.
But if you click on the password field of the "Not working" example, nothing happens 🙁 I guess it is not recognized as a login form.

The problem is that the second form is based on "Fluent UI Web Components" which itself is based on web components and using a shadow DOM. I think the recognition algorithm is not quite right and should also take shadow DOM elements into account.

Thank you very much and have a nice day

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