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Kristine Glad

Apr 1, 2024

how to use it?

Can you tell me how to use it?

Diego Camaro

Oct 7, 2023

Json LD

Bonjour. Il y aurait une petite erreur à corriger sur Json-LD:
- type: BreadcrumbList
- "answer" n'est pas = à "name" mais est = à "text"

Anthony Paris

May 9, 2023

Bug hidden Hn

I have been notified of hidden texts Hn except they are absolutely not hidden. Is it a bug in your extension here is a page (you can delete later)

Joey Janson

Apr 7, 2023

canonical link adds trailing slash

Hello, meta seo inspector tool is adding a trailing slash to the canonical even though the trailing slash is not in the <link> tag itself. Example:

source: <link rel="canonical" href="">
meta seo inspector: canonical

Sheldon Nesdale

Jul 5, 2022

Option to disable notification pop-up window

Because your update your software often (which is great!), I frequently get the pop-up window, and because I run your software on multiple devices I get the pop-up many times every week. I simply ask for the option to disable the notification if I choose.

Katie Taylor

Oct 11, 2021

Head Title Issue

Hi, I've been using this tool for years, but someone on my team just pointed out to me that the character counts are wrong in the head title section. On this page: The tool says the head title has 73 characters, but if you copy and paste the title into a word doc, it's only 61. This is a huge issue that makes me question if this tool is still viable. Please advise, thanks.

Lucy-Jo Ferrier

May 25, 2021

META SEO Inspector greyed out - No Data

Love this tool, have used it for a long time as build many sites and it's a quick go to.
I've noticed lately on a small selection of sites that the icon is greyed out (where there would usually be a number of issues to be addressed).

The extension states: No data. Please wait for the page to load and try again.

I have refreshed several times, deleted cookies, restarted desktop.

Any advice?

Thank you so much for providing a valuable extension!

סיגנאל מעבדות

May 24, 2021

The Extension is not working on my site

What could be the reason for it?
this is my address.

I have read a lot of good things about this extension and I would love to start using it.

I would appreciate you return to this address if you have anything to suggest in that matter:

Thank you in advanced!

Jeff Schultz

Mar 9, 2021

Lowercase Description

Great tool. Newest update is not capturing the uppercase letters in Meta Description.

Jared Francais (JFrench)

Mar 9, 2021

lowercaseing URL

Your tool is reporting broken image in my meta but upon inspection it seems to be lowercasing the URL causing it to look broken with the actual URL in the HTML is valid and works.

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