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Jun 9, 2024

This Bulk Have Many Problem

cannot Login and many problem , please refund bro

Reed Thomas Lawrence

Apr 29, 2024

My account was blocked for 24hrs & Messages Still FAIL when Sending


I changed the default interval from 5-10m intervals requests to 1-7m interval requests and my account got blocked for 24hrs.

I have tried to re-write my Facebook message and use the default interval limits on extension and my messages are still being sent as FAILS. Please help me fix this issue or I will need to be issued a refund as I have only been able to use the app once.

Live Inbounds

Mar 5, 2024

Please refund my payment.

Bulk sender does not work and just shows fail. Please refund me my payment. This does not work.

Good Day

Dec 4, 2023


How do you add multiple messages so that the same one is not sent to everyone?

Anas Hassan

Nov 14, 2023

Fali Issue

Hi It worked for the first 50-60 messages. Now it just says FAIL,trying for last three days, still same issue!

Sakura Inoe

May 3, 2023

cannot send

has reinstall chrome but cannot send message
chrome ask me to "Try closing and then reopening your browser window"

Adam Fenny

Mar 1, 2023

scaaam not working

scaaam not working

Holly Hines

Feb 14, 2023

This doesn't work.

No instructions. Nothing. What I thought was intuitive, is not so. Nothing but FAIL FAIL FAIL. Cancel my trial. I don't want to pay a dime for this. I can't afford to get cancelled by anybody.

sundira singh

Jan 21, 2023

Requesting for refund

After sending over 50 messages its getting failed and my facebook account got restricted. It seeems your software is not working the way it says. So, I would like to request for a refund or would like to transfer my subscription to facebiik group extractor.
Thank You.

Natale Letterio Tornatora

Nov 16, 2022

times to not get banned

Hi, what is the times limit to not get banned?

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