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A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 5, 2018

App không fill được giá, màu và description

App không fill được giá, màu và description !

Kelly G

Sep 20, 2018

Any update coming?

Will this be updated to work again? I miss it.

H̸a̵y̸d̷e̵n̴ M̶c̸K̸i̷t̸t̶r̶i̷c̸k̸

Mar 11, 2018

Time Change Has Caused Issue Now

Now that the time has changed, the extension has quit updating.


- Mark

Shannon Ingraham

Nov 9, 2017

Wrong Data for a while now

the data has been wrong for a while now. normally an amazing extension.

Mark McKittrick

Nov 7, 2017

Extension - Wrong Data

Its showing 2 days at once. For a couple of days (maybe since the time change), this extension is showing numbers from the previous day + the current day. I need to see single day numbers again. Its throwing me off seeing 2 days mixed together in sales.


A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 24, 2017

This extension no longer works as of 10-24-17

I'm not sure if Amazon has updated things but this extension no longer works. I see other people in FB groups saying that same thing. It needs to be updated.

Jim “Wally” Wallace

Oct 13, 2017

Option to hide graph

Thank you for the Merch by Amazon Analytics extension. I would love the option to hide the graph because I don't find it useful. From what I can tell, the graphs are not accurate as compared to the numbers below them.


May 17, 2017

Still same issue. Data incorrect.

Cleared cache. Still the same. Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110. Am I supposed to do something to activate the fix???


May 17, 2017

Incorrect Data

Same issue as ne1512blvd - data is wrong. Showing more sales than actual Merch Reporting.

Karlynné Metzger

May 16, 2017

Incorrect Data

For a couple days now I notice that the daily and monthly total is no longer accurate. It is showing I sold more than I actually did.

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