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Heidi W

Jul 5, 2022


hello - I never use this, I didn't realize I was subscribed. I was just charged $60 on July 2nd - can you please cancel and refund.

Will V

Apr 20, 2022

Ad information not loading.

Hello. In the last tab, the ad information is not loading. It is simply circling. Please advise.

Jessie Fleck

Oct 6, 2020

Ads going live at 75 cents p/c.

About 30% of my ads are going live at 75 cents per click when I have 21 cents as default. I check to make sure it says 21 cents before submitting the ad. Then I get a shock when I see 3 or four clicks the next day and several dollars gone.

Joshua Gibson

Aug 25, 2020


Hi! It would be really nice to add a column to Amigo that would allow sorting of search results the same way you're able to in the MBA Manage tab

Keith Gandy

Aug 20, 2020

Newest Markets

In Settings there are positions for three Markets: US-UK-DE. Will the three newest Markets FR-IT-ES be added soon?

Keith Gandy

Jul 5, 2020

When creating a Group Ad does it not auto populate the products anymore? It used to do that in an early edition. Thanks for this handy tool.

Autopopulating Group Ads

Charles Charles

Feb 14, 2020

Not working

Hello, there are two problems now with the extension. 1. When searching designs to add to advertising, it says the designs has sold even though they have not. 2. When selecting designs and creating advertising the extension does not pull over the ASIN's effectively making the extension useless. Please correct these issues so we can continue our business. Thanks so much

Scott Smith

Dec 10, 2019

Not working

Does not grab campaigns since amazon update. Is there a fix or update coming.

Games TV

Oct 31, 2019

Merch Ad Automator not working after amazon update

Merch Ad Automator stop working today amazon make some update
can u fix it plz

Kurt Johnson

Jul 10, 2019

Not showing the option to create an ad next to listings

I'm logged into the MerchAmigo site, i have the extension on my google chrome. When I first got it, it was working, but now it's not showing the options to create ads. I'm paying for this plugin, so I'd really like this to be working.

Google apps