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Mallory Anderson

Jun 15, 2023

Its added to Google Meet but nothing seems to be working

Its added but nothing changes when I adjust the controls

Becky Foster

Jan 14, 2022

Controls stopped working

This was working really well for a while. For some reason, however, none of the controls are working anymore. I've moved all the sliders with no effect. I've removed the extension and reinstalled it and still it's not working. Any fixes?

Michael Roquemore

Dec 23, 2021

Mirror option

The mirror option is not working!! please i need help i did use this extension called meet tweek it had the same layout as you but it didn't work! im frustrated it worked for a couple days then just disabled i uninstalled it reinstalled it anything you can imagine i really love this extension it just doesn't

Geovana Macedo Dias

Aug 9, 2021

Hi I love your extension

Good but the way I see if it worked for everyone?

Raphael Schaffer Carvalho

Aug 4, 2021

Color Pallet showing in the camera

Hi, some error is happening that instead of showing my face the camera shows the color pallett.

Jorge González

Apr 1, 2021

Mirror option?

Just add the mirror option and it will be perfect!

Max No

Mar 16, 2021

Flickering thing

When i use mercator studio ill see my face then itll zoom into the background of whatever room im in then show my face again and it keeps doing that how do i fix.

Lucia Leyton

Mar 4, 2021


buenas, no me deja instalarlo, me sale error

Daniela Lovaton

Mar 2, 2021

Porque no me deja descargarlo?

intento y me sale error

Ximena Itzayana Sarmiento González

Oct 28, 2020

no me aparece la opcion?

no me aparece la opcion

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