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Jul 1, 2023


why the extension is now temporary unavailable?

privacy terms (Wynn Zhang)

Oct 18, 2022

dosnt work

y it wont work

Arthu r

Aug 23, 2022

Remove this extension


Your Chrome extension is really bad, and you should remove it. You have provided people a way to cheat in chess & also offer a subscription to do so. Shame on you

Ronald Brent

May 17, 2022

windows version ?

Does this workwith Windows 8 & 10?


Dec 8, 2021

Support for Chrome OS

Extension seems to only work with Windows Application, doesn't work with Chromebook. Can't it just work with the extension?

Daniel Scartezini

May 1, 2021

Chess Master

when i try to use it says "you have 0 moves avaible", it just doesn't work.


Jan 14, 2021

Ran out of moves

When you run out of moves do you have to wait till 12? or a full 24 hrs?


Dec 9, 2020


Why it's detected on lichess help please

Zwakele Radebe

Aug 28, 2020

chess master

on Lichess its repeating one suggested move, but it works fine on, what should i do because i have tried everything even re installing.

07. Aparna B

Apr 30, 2020

chess game

0000007 problem error

Google apps