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Miles AAI2

Dec 1, 2022

does this work for deleted youtube videos?

when i try to use it after putting in the url for a deleted youtube video it just says bad gateway, is this meant to happen or is there a way to access the video through this extension?

david gunnells

Aug 13, 2021

Time travel doesn't work until I leave the tab

As the subject says, if I select a time travel submenu link, the page's Reload button at the top turns into a "stop loading this page" X icon but the page never loads...until I go to another tab in the same Chrome windows. I can do this by clicking onto another tab, (Shift+)Ctrl+Tab to another tab, or opening a new tab with a keyboard shortcut or using the Chrome menu.

Kay Smith

Jul 10, 2017

Time & Date changing

every time i set a date to any time it just sets it to 2017
and the time to 08:58:00.

david gunnells

Nov 13, 2013

label doesn't match baseURI

For example, I wanted to select the Internet Archive as the default, but when I select it, it uses as the baseURI.

Through trial and error, I found that I have to select Archive-It in order to have set as the baseURI.

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