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MeetMate: MSTeams 会议 AI 助手
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自动保存会议记录和实时 AI 辅助

MSTeams Meeting AI Assistant The "MSTeams Meeting AI Assistant" is a powerful Chrome extension designed to elevate the Microsoft Teams meeting experience by providing advanced functionalities to enhance live captions, offer real-time AI-driven assistance, and streamline post-meeting activities. Key Features: Enhanced Live Captions: Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams to provide enhanced live captions during meetings. Ensure accuracy and clarity in transcribing meeting conversations. Automatically download meeting transcripts as VTT (WebVTT) files to your local storage when the meeting concludes, enabling easy access to a separate transcript file. Automatic Transcript Saving: Automatically save meeting transcripts for future reference and documentation purposes. Enable effortless retrieval of past meeting discussions for review or analysis. Live AI Assistant: Offer real-time AI-powered assistance during meetings based on the generated transcripts. Provide intelligent summaries of ongoing discussions to keep participants informed and engaged. Quick Prompts for Assistance: Access quick prompts for instant assistance during meetings: Sum: Summarize the meeting. ?Respond: Request suggestions on what to respond to at the moment. ?Answer: Receive a suggested answer for the last question. Actions: Highlight action items arising from the meeting. Issues: Identify main challenges or issues discussed. Minutes: Generate meeting minutes for documentation purposes. Customizable Prompt Messages: Tailor prompt messages to suit specific meeting requirements and user preferences. Enhance communication clarity and effectiveness with personalized prompts. Integration with OpenAI: Seamlessly integrate with OpenAI for advanced AI-powered assistance. Access additional features and capabilities by topping up credits for AI assistance. How it Works: Seamless Integration: Install the "MSTeams Meeting AI Assistant" Chrome extension effortlessly within Microsoft Teams. Enjoy uninterrupted access to enhanced meeting functionalities directly within the Teams interface. User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through the extension's intuitive interface with ease. Access features and prompts conveniently during live meetings for enhanced productivity. AI-Powered Assistance: Leverage the power of AI to receive real-time assistance tailored to meeting dynamics and requirements. Enhance collaboration and decision-making with intelligent insights and suggestions. Benefits: Improved Meeting Efficiency: Streamline meeting processes with automatic transcript saving and AI-driven assistance, reducing manual efforts and enhancing productivity. Enhanced Collaboration: Foster better collaboration and engagement among meeting participants with clear, accurate live captions and intelligent summaries. Time Savings: Save time on post-meeting tasks by automating transcript saving and generating meeting minutes effortlessly. Personalized Assistance: Tailor prompts and assistance messages to meet specific meeting needs, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience for all users. Experience the future of Microsoft Teams meetings with the "MSTeams Meeting AI Assistant" Chrome extension. Elevate your meetings to new heights of productivity and collaboration today!

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