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Giannis Koutivas

Oct 29, 2023

needed features asap

1. Greek support

2. I need to exclude sections of the url from counting: adding the class of the element and then the extensions exclude this and ALL its descendants from counting (cause we need no counting for sidebar, rght??)

3. The opposite: include a class and count ONLY this class and its descendants

4. Highlight all the occurences of the 10 most frequent words/phrases as calculated.

Jochen Gererstorfer

Jul 17, 2023

Support German Umlauts

Hello, the extension can not display German Umlauts like ÄÖÜ.
UTF-8 can do that.

Hector Thomas

Jan 20, 2023

Visible keywords only

Can you please make a way to just show the density of visible keywords only? It doesn't help to see "function", "image", and other source code keywords. Just want to see the words that are visible on the screen. Thank you.

Jerry Glover

Mar 26, 2020

not working

This tool sounds awesome but I have pulled up 5 diff pages and all say 0% count - can you tell me if I need to do something more?

Independent Ink Designs Company LLC

Jan 2, 2020

not sure how this works

can you send me a description on how to please

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