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simin simin

Jul 7, 2023

math formula objects always on its own line

if you could fix that and maintain the intended line breaks it'd be great!
problem screenshot:
original site url:


May 4, 2020

dont work at coursera

dont work at coursera.

Ryan McCampbell

Mar 12, 2020

Doesn't support mml: prefixed tags

On some websites, including the OpenGL reference pages, the mathml code uses "mml:" prefixes for all tags. An example is This extension doesn't seem to recognize these tags at all, but they render fine on Firefox. This would be really helpful.

Simón R. Bécares Pérez

Nov 22, 2015

visualizar formulas de mates en chrome

uso fórmulas siguiendo <math xmlns="> pero en Chrome no se ven como fórmulas sino como cifras (o letras) seguidas
En Explores había un pluguin mathml pero no lo encuentro.
¿Hay algo para que se vean las fórmulas con Chrome?
Saludos cordiales de Simón

Germán Abrevaya

Feb 23, 2014

Not working with google groups

Hello, Thanks for your app! It is great! But I need it to be able to write with latex inside a Google Groups forum and it is not working there. It seems strange since it works perfect in Gmail.
Do you have any solution?

Thanks a lot!

Leo Fernig

Mar 7, 2013

Chrome 25

I just installed the latest Chrome (25) and re-installed the Math Anywhere extension and it no longer works.

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