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Roman Smolkin

Dec 15, 2023

Less space between pinned tabs

With the latest Chrome update, some the space between pinned tabs increased. I've been loving using this Material Dark theme, but now even fewer tabs fit. Could you please tighted up the space between tabs, especially between the pinned tabs

Animation Park

Jun 22, 2023

how do i add it with google backgrounds ?

i used to be able to have this theme with google landscapes backgounds but if i do that it just picks up the colour form that background instead of dark

Dmitry Zinenko

Feb 7, 2022

Back/Forward navigation arrows invisible

Back/Forward navigation and Chrome menu dots completely blend with the background on Debian BlueMenta theme.

prokofiev opus19

Aug 23, 2021

Appearance of opening page - without Google logo and without search engine in the center of the page - a-and ---

Have chosen material dark theme - that's what i want. But I don't want the name/logo Google on the screen and I don't want the search engine bar on the screen - that's redundant - there's the same working search engine on top of the page. & as for it smack in the middle - it's too 'busy' --- And actually I prefer to upload my own picture that would go across that would fill the whole screen except for the top search and tabs which I prefer the material dark theme - but don't see - have struggled for some precious extended time - but don't see how to achieve any of the above - - - ?! -- A-and now I see this is going to some general all public forum??!!! Is there any such 'thing' as a person anymore or a good automated ai that can help - or one would think what I'm asking many others are also preferring - but then why aren't these options existing at all and if they do - why aren't they readily accessible along with other so-called{!} Appearance choices - - -

Patrick Carvalho

Jun 12, 2021

Old Version

I've been using your theme for years. But I accidentally upgraded and now it looks different. I know it fits better with the new Chrome UI, but I liked it better before. So I want to ask you if you could also upload the old Version 1.1.2 on the chrome store, or send to me personally so I can keep using it. Thank you!

Hax H

Apr 16, 2020

URL bar

Hello, there's an issue withmy URL bar color. Yesterday the URL bar background color was white and today, when I started Chrome, the bar color is black. Can I change it? How? (I don't have turned on Dark Mode in Win10 Settings)

Adam Bennett

Mar 27, 2020

Gmail compatibility / links blacked out

While using gmail, your theme blacks out all the links built within gmail. Let me know if you'd like to see a screenshot of it.
Otherwise havent seen any other compatibility issues. Love the theme. Thank you


Aug 24, 2019

New Tab Background Change

It seems like a lot of people are having this issue too - I can change my background to an image of my choosing, but if it's not a Chrome Default one then it reverts back to the default when opening Chrome again.

Is there a chance that this can be changed? Thanks! (Love everything else about it by the way)

Myl Son

Jun 2, 2019


Could you please change the white line of the Bar (where the URL is) to grey or black? Because my whole browser is dark and then there is this white line.

Carlos Rodrigo Sánchez-Miranda Valencia

May 27, 2019

4k issues

It doesn't work properly with 4k screens because the "New tab" tab, shows an image in the middle, surrounded by big ugly bezels

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