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Jan 7, 2019

Throbber animation

The throbber loading animation( on background tabs are really hard to see because it have the same color(blue) with the background tabs.

Nehven Carvalho

Nov 18, 2018

Other Colors

I really like the blue, but I would like a lime green or neon red if possible. This is a VERY nice theme, and would be great just by replacing the blue with another color.

Yoav V.

Jul 31, 2018

Imcognito mode only

How do I apply this theme to Incognito mode only?
Chrome V.68

Jovan Chow

Feb 22, 2018



Torin Sevilla

Mar 17, 2017

I Cant Get It Off My Chrome

I Cant Get It Off My Chrome For Some Reason...

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 1, 2016


i got it !

Павел Колчин

Jul 21, 2016


how you do them?

Google apps