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Samuel N

Mar 24, 2023

can be disabled from outside Chrome ?

can be disabled from outside Chrome ?


Mar 21, 2020

Feature request.

Would it be possible to add a export site feature that would export the sites url only like **** that a password has be generated for ? If it does not store the site user name add a feature to do it and auto submit it also like other password managers.


Mar 21, 2020

Question i forgot.

Will this auto fill passwords ?


Mar 21, 2020

Question about extension.

If i need to replace my hard drive can i just reinstall the extension and use the original master password will it generate the same passwords to log into any sites i use ? Can this extension be downloaded as a separate file for safe keeping just in case git or the app store is offline and i need to reinstall asap ?

Raymond Martinez (Everlasting)

Jan 12, 2020


how much and does it work with Chromebooks

Zainab Bashir

Sep 23, 2019

forgot master password. what to do?

set master password on my laptop. now it'[s broken and i can't get back in to my account. urgent help needed


Dec 24, 2018


So how do I actually set my master password?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 29, 2018

Import MPsite file

Hi, I am having trouble importing the mpsite file on windows 10. I have opened the Masterpassword config page to import the file to the stored sites section, but there is no option to import it, only an export option. It states that it can be dragged and dropped but this option is not working. What can you recommend? Thanks

Alessandro Piroddi

Jan 18, 2018

Update Needed?

After the latest Chrome update the app is unusable, at least on Linux

brenda ligon

Dec 10, 2017


i am trying to print and have never been asked for my master password. i don't want it i can't print

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