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Rick O'Keefe

Jan 22, 2024

Does the job, one message at a time. Very slow, but effective.

I suppose that the "one-click" only opens the two-click window. Not a biggie, but I*'m disappointed that there isn't a "delete all instantly" functionality. Still, one every 5 seconds is acceptable. It just takes weeks of continuous running.

Mr Surajit

May 23, 2022

I have a lot of friends. Remove inactive friends

My 50000 freind but no like comments


Nov 21, 2021

Desktop Version don't show friends list

In my computer, the mobile version show my friends but i can't delete anyone, in this desktop version, on click in open friend list, the extension shows google page.


Aug 6, 2021

App malfunction

I downloaded 3 of the unfriender, and mass remove Facebook friends.
They don't work!!!

Xaudhary Sivek

Aug 4, 2021

All facebook friends removed

My facebook account is locked

Dharaneetharan G.D

Apr 22, 2021

Need Refund

It doesn't work and i want a complete refund. It was not one click unfriend.

Siba prasad sahu

Oct 8, 2020

Unfriend on fb

Because my fb account is haked

find the clues

Aug 28, 2020


Hello! I do not like this app! I want a refund and to unsubacribe from the subscription

Lauren Marco

Aug 15, 2020

The app does not work

I demand a refund and unsubscribe


Aug 1, 2020


I want to unsubscribe immediately

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