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Siew Voon Ho

Nov 10, 2022

Screenshots not appearing

Love the extension, but screenshots didn't seem to show under comments even though I'd toggled on for 'Add screenshots to comments'. Tried reinstalling, clearing cache, and updating Chrome, but to no avail. Any idea what went wrong?

Dave Kaplan

Dec 6, 2021

Can we set the browser size for Tablet?

We have a page with a 768px break for tablet styles, when the designers view the Tablet mode in Markup, the browser is 525px and loading mobile sizes, which is right, but they are expecting tablet styles (the UI says Tablet) Can we set the size for Tablet to be 768px in Markup? Then the tablet styles load for the Tablet view.

Stella Famorca

Aug 12, 2021


Can't type anything when it is in Figma

shlomi s

Mar 10, 2021

Application doesn't work well

I like using your application a lot. Unfortunately , in the last time the application doesn't work well - after adding a few points which should lead to the right subpage with note it does not open the page it should be expected according to the points.
Another question - when are you going to prepare the white label version?
Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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