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Apr 23, 2022

Service isn't working

I want my money back. Website and service isn't working.

Jane Garrad

Mar 11, 2022

No home addresses

Your subscription page says the app includes addresses but they are not downloading with the rest of the data. Why is this?

- Includes Order Date, Email, First Name, Last Name, Address, Products Ordered, Order Value, Order ID

haroon rasheed

Feb 10, 2022


Hi there,
Do you have monthly plan? I don't need yearly plan. I just need to download data once only

Amanda Boyd

Sep 12, 2021

marketsy stopped working

Hi, I'm being billed $10.00 for this every month but it stopped working. Something has changed and the change won't let me download new emails. I need to find out how to stop being billed or fix the problem. This is the third attempt to contact you about this, I appreciate your attention to this.

It says I have 12604 emails to download but won't download them.


Rachel Khona

Aug 3, 2021


I have tried multiple times to cancel my subscription. When I press the cancel button nothing happens.

Devan Logan

Jun 27, 2021

Can't download current email list

Hi Cody, I recently purchased the Marketsy Growth package and was able to download all of my emails that day, but since then, I've tried downloading all new customers and I'm unable to. Am I doing something wrong here? Is it just once a month that I'm able to download emails?

Rossi Ross

Jun 11, 2021

Missing Service and invoice

Hi Cody, please provide some service! I'm writing you every single day asking for an invoice and nobody is responding me. :( You should send those invoices and documents automatically by receiving the payment.

John B.

May 31, 2021

Please help asap

I was using this, but I had to put a period to separate email one by one which was not expected and when I clicked help or tutorials it pops up 404 not found. I was very not satisfied of this… please refund me and cancel asap. And delete all the downloads. I cant manually put periods to separated it one by one. Please solve this issue. Thank you.

Jan Jaworsky

May 25, 2021

Download for specific pages only

I am not able to download only certain pages of my orders as I could before. User For example, emails for the approximate time frame or March April this year. I tried using the listing of emails in my customer data at my login but there do not seem to be in the exact same order as on Etsy. Please respond. This is my second message.

Face Maskara

May 25, 2021

I cant find out to unsubscribe to your service.

On you app page there is no way to unsubscribe to your service.

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