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Same Hoodie

Jul 21, 2023

I cannot dowload specific mangas

most of the manga are downloadable at mangakakalot but all manga related to bungou stray dogs isnt..

Vojtěch Beránek

Feb 26, 2023,,... does not work

hello, on these pages it appears that the downloader does not work, please help

Lupsregina Zany

Feb 17, 2023

adding website

hello, i downloded the and would like to add other website or customize the websites where i could download. how do i do it exactly? because i cant seem to work the shortcut/app from

Leander Pillai

Aug 21, 2022

Can't fetch image problem

Hi. A little help please. I cannot download Martial Peak on mangasee123 and manga4life on Edge, Chromium and Firefox even though I have the recommended browser versions. I prefer the translation on these 2 sites., Please fix if possible. Love this extension!


Jun 28, 2022

i want to add websites

how i can add any websites


Nov 18, 2021

Thank You For Making this Extention

"""Honestly, I come from Software Background. And i was making an Application so i could download manga images directly and save it for reading later. But then I found You . I was kinda Happy/Jealous of your design . As I didnt need to focus on the FetchingImages work anymore, i'm now working on a way to display these images as a website using the WebApp frame work ( it done now). and it works perfectly with you extension to store and display the manga downloaded . Thank You again for making this Extension, and I just wanted you to know how much I love your work. I hope all the best for you and Your works in the future.


Now comming to Suggestion , It'd be better if you could also Update what websites are not suported anymore by your work. Additionally if possible post your Problems the extension is currently facing to your Git so we could help you in some way. most of the browsers now dont have the supported tech you need to download the images. So why not make an APP . we'd Happy to Download it if you post it in your Github page.

Shivam Kumar

Sep 15, 2021

Add Website

Would it be possible to add ?

Sagar Sakhalkar

Aug 6, 2021

Error of Can't fetch images

Can't download anything on 1stKissmanga website. Please update the extension.


Jul 27, 2021

Does not work on Chrome any more

I have been using manga downloader for a long time but i'm having a little trouble lately seems like the new chrome version does not support it . It would be great if you update this extension and make it working on the current chrome version. As no one wants to use older version of chrome everyone like to keep there stuff updated it would be nice if you update the extension and make it working on the current chrome stable version. Thank you for your service : )

Leander Pillai

Jul 26, 2021 download option button

I'm trying to download manga from which is listed as one of the sites that the extension supports but I fail to find it once I'm on the chapter tab of any manga page. Please help.

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