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Ofilia Stiles

Jun 14, 2018


Is there a reason why we have to solve so many Captchas before using the extension. I literally have to solve at least 6-10 of them before being able to use it. It gets quite annoying.

josie fessor

May 8, 2018


Got this from our senior SEO, and it really helped. This is a good tool for SEO.


Web Master

Oct 19, 2016

Extension Not Working

Hi Majestic Team

I,m Using Chrome Browser You Extension is Not Working From Few Days Plz Resolve This Issue i love this Extension thanks !

Best Regards
Royal king Projects

Faizan Ali

Oct 10, 2016

Free version doesn't shows results

each and every time it says. upgrade to the new paid version. Why free version isn't working anymore. ???

Atout Graph

Oct 6, 2016

my free version does not work anymore

Hello, the Free version Takes me shed a robot, or I'm not. Can you help me Restore son good functioning. Thank you.

Ryan Klein

Oct 5, 2016

Not free anymore?

Since when?

Muhammad Nadeem

Oct 3, 2016

Chrome Plugin

i have paid majestic, i have added a token as well but not working ?

Kindly advise.

Monika Lath

Sep 9, 2016

Chrome and Majestic Extensions not working

It says-Sorry!

In order to provide consistent service levels for our paying customers, Free access to data is limited to certain rates for every internet connection.

If you are using the plugin on a shared connection (for example, an agency office), or are using other SEO software which attempts to download Majestic data or metrics then this can have a detrimental experience. Please wait for 1 minute before using this plugin, for the limit to be reset.

What am I expected to do now?

Shailesh Patel

Mar 29, 2016

inspite of having an subscription, the plugin don't work

The plugin don't work on my browser (Chrome and Firefox both). please fix.


Dave Zegers

Jan 25, 2016

Not opening in Chrome

The addone is not completely opening in chrome, you only see just the top, any thoughts?

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