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Urban Pirkmajer

Oct 6, 2021

Custom domain for OWA installation

My company uses custom domain for webmail client: Can you add a Setting to define custom domain to send mailto: links?

Thank you for your work!

Adam Logan

Aug 10, 2021

Not working for on MacOS

Like others in the reviews, I cannot seem to get this plugin to work for on current MacOS build 11.4 on a 2017 15" Macbook Pro. I've made Google Chrome the default mail app in Apple Mail. No gmail account is setup, I deleted the gmail app in Google Chrome just to be on the safe side. I have given MailtOWA: Mailto maxiumum permissions: has access to all domains and file URLs… I disabled ublock origin and this web-browser has nothing else loaded for extensions. Why isn't this working?! The only behavior I can seem to get poking around the URL address bar is to install the outlook chrome app. Installing that seemed to make no difference. For what it's worth I made a quick and dirty index.html with a plain simple mailto: link with no bcc or cc or subject line etc, opened it in Safari, it opens and works as expected when Apple Mail app is default, doesn't work with Google Chrome and this extension. I've tried quitting and restarting Google Chrome to get this working. No dice thus far. Any idea what's going on or what else I could try?

Eric-Sonobello O'Brien

May 6, 2020

CC and BCC

Thank you for building this. I can't seem to get the CC and BCC attributes of the mailto protocol. Are BCC and CC supported?

Thank You,
Eric O'Brien

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