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Kristijan Mihov

Aug 4, 2023

Cannot add outlook address

From a few days ago, it's no longer possible to add an outlook address. The "add account" button does nothing when clicked.

M O (Snowolf)

Apr 20, 2023

Extension won't download to Chrome on Android even as desktop site

I went to & made sure my browser Chrome was set on desktop site & hit download for mail check extension & a green box showed it had downloaded, but I can't find it if it's there & it isn't on tool bar. When I go to Chrome web store it isn't on there only under library. I used my address to only use on the web. I am logged in & all that but still can't seem to get extension on Android even tho the description says Android also!

Bert AI

Apr 14, 2023

hope to support more mailboxes

MailCheck is very easy to use, hope to support more mailboxes, such as gmail

Bill Meetze

Apr 12, 2023

unable to download

I keep trying to download mailcheck for crome and it shows it downloads, but when I check my download tab it is not there. I have tried it on my laptrop and my desktop?


Aug 22, 2022

MailCheck still does not work for addresses

MailCheck still does not allow you to access all the available domains such as
It used to work that you could download the old extension install it and then upgrade to the latest version and it would stay, but I am switching computers and it is not working for me again. How do I get it to work for addresses.

Karen Gurtiza

May 12, 2022 Password

I forgot my email password, i haven't saved it when i last logged in. I have pending works and all my files are all in there. I really need help, please. It's Thank u.

michael Laird

Jan 14, 2022

I cannot restore my password

peggy Mc Kinnon

Oct 20, 2021


I am trying to retrive a 4 year old email address but forgot my password. Can u help me with that. The email is

Ivan Martinez-Cruz

Oct 5, 2021

Loading many tabs on Chrome

It adds a new tab every time you open Chrome


Aug 24, 2021

Login not working

I can't login my email address. It doesn't work login.

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