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David Laidlaw

Dec 13, 2019

timeout steals keyboard focus

When the timer goes off, the focus of the keyboard goes to the timer dialog box. Hitting "return" closes that box, which is great. But the keyboard focus does not return to the browser window. One has to click the mouse to be able to type again. I am running Brave v 1.0.1. Great extension! Thanks!


Dec 29, 2014

Hoe de app uit te schakelen?

Ik ondervind een groot probleem met deze app, nl. het stoort mijn werk. Ik wil hem uitschakelen en vraag je hoe ik dat moet doen.

Geel Karton

Feb 27, 2014


how do i get rid of this program? it keeps poppin up, i didn't ask for it and i interferes with my work

Nathan Mackenzie Brown

Oct 31, 2013

Making gmail timer work for labels as well

I've been using your mail timer for gmail for a few weeks now, and I really love it. The problem I was having before seemed to resolve itself when I restarted chrome.

Now that I've been using your plugin for a little while, I realize that it has a major shortcoming for the way I use gmail. I have a number of filters set up to act as different inboxes to make it easier for me to track my time doing different types of work. The problem with this, is that non of the labels that act as inboxes for me will work in conjunction with the mail timer. I'd love to have a setting that would allow me to specify labels that I want to have treated as inboxes, or it could just be set up so any label that has the word "inbox" in the label will still get the timer to activate. Any chance you could make this hack?


Nathan Mackenzie Brown

Oct 13, 2013

It isn't working

The timer isn't showing up after the amount of time I've selected.

Kelly Brednich

Jul 18, 2013

How to change time settings

How do you change the amount of time you need for each email? Example, I need 5 minutes vs the two currently set.


Cesar Osegueda

May 27, 2013

removing script

I'd like to know how I can remove the "Mail timer for Gmail" program.

Ken H K

Mar 6, 2013

How to Increase/Decrease Time

I understand that the timer activates as soon as one enters into his/her inbox. I see in the update note that one can adjust the time. Could you kindly tell me how?

Thank you.

kuhske at gmail dot com

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