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Karl Westbrook

Jan 17, 2023


Hello. Until I actually used it, I was in love with the simplicity of design and I love the way Mahalo looked and felt. Easy. Straight forward. Intuitive.

However, upon using it for the first time, I was reminiscing about the day, the recent weeks past, the issues that I and family are currently facing, repairing, returning to. I'd written down so thoughts (on the left-side), and was preparing to engage the right panel when suddenly I had to run out to the kitchen (pot boiling over). I was disgruntled to find, upon return that, what I'd painstakingly taken the time to write, had disappeared.

I looked hi and low, tried the "undo" keyboard shortcut, all to no avail. With this small glitch alone, I feel dissuaded to use your so otherwise elegant app. Please advise.

Karl W

Saraha Randriatsarafara

Jan 17, 2023

my reflections questions don't show up

help please ! there's only a blank page

Fang Rong Foo

Apr 3, 2022

A Suggestion

Hi! It would be lovely if we could change the font and font size, as the font is a bit difficult to read.

Otherwise, it's a very nice addition to my google chrome, thank you!

Mai Ngo

Mar 20, 2022

Want to paste picture on new tab page

Sometimes I want to quick capture screen so I hope I can paste the picture on new tab page. It would be much more convenient

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