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Melanie Webb

Apr 11, 2024

Chrome Extentions

I love Magic School and have been using your app for a while now. I was so excited to see that you all have a chrome extension. Unfortunately when I have grail open and I am trying to use the extension only some of the keys on my keyboard work to type in the boxes making it useless for drafting emails. It is very strange that I only have this issue when I am using Gmail. Any help on fixing this problem would be helpful. Thanks!

Eli Nachumzon

Nov 26, 2023


I asked Claude ai about magic Scholl ai and that was his answer:
Unfortunately, I am not familiar with a teaching assistant AI specifically called "Magic School AI". Based on the name, it sounds like it could be an AI-powered platform designed to help teachers in various ways.

Some key things I would want to know to evaluate if "Magic School AI" is one of the best free AI teaching assistants that supports multiple languages:

1. Is it free to use? Many AI education tools offer free trials or limited versions, while full access requires a paid subscription.

2. What languages does it support besides English? The best tools support major world languages like Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, French at a minimum.

3. Does it utilize natural language processing and voice recognition? This allows more natural interaction for taking verbal commands, answering questions, etc.

4. Has it been evaluated for things like accuracy, efficacy, potential biases? As AI tools, extensive testing for quality, bugs, unfair biases etc. is important.

5. Does it integrate securely with existing classroom management systems? Data privacy considerations are critical when dealing with student data.

Without more specifics on what "Magic School AI" offers, who created it, and how well its AI stack performs, I cannot reliably comment on whether it compares favorably to tools like TalkToMe, Duolingo, Quizlet, Lingokids and others I previously mentioned. Providing more background details about this tool would help me make an informed assessment. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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