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Magic Actions for YouTube™

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128.3K ratings

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Khang TrầnMay 26, 2024

Found this extension for AB repeat feature. A bit disappointed that there are no keyboard shortcuts to set A and B timepoints. It's very unprecise to set with right-click and it's hard to remember exactly which timepoint. Looking forward to this keyboard timepoint setting feature added to the extension.

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Fernando K. J.May 26, 2024

Basically, I can't imagine my day without this plugin/extension/addon. I originally got this extension a few years ago just to stop YouTube from "auto-playing" videos every time I opened a video in a new tab... Absolutely love instant volume control and repeat features. It also helps to stop high CPU usage while watching videos... yes, there are some issues, but I think the DEVs will fix it. Thanks guys, this is very useful tool. I'm definitely gonna suggest it to everyone I know, keep up the... Show more

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TrinityMay 22, 2024


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Daymon SmithMay 17, 2024

It's wonderful to have the ability to fix the things that YouTube does not want you to have control over which is everything and anything. I despise YouTube with a passion cover however unfortunately it is the only platform that most of the great web content is on. I wish somebody made an extension that created a alternative to YouTube and they're fascist liberal freak policies.

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Alogheno P.May 10, 2024

05/10/2024 It doesn't work anymore in Chrome, it doesn't work in Opera, every time I get an error message FAILED TO LAOD RESOURCE: Net: blocked error but I don't have any adblocker installed and no anti banner or antivirus. Everything worked until 1 month ago and I've been using it for years since at least 2018.

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Sean OsborneApr 24, 2024

Best youtube extension

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Serge JarmaApr 21, 2024

Thanks for all feedback and suggestions, we really appreciate it! We are working hard to provide quality software to all users! Your privacy and safety online are our top priorities! All our extensions is 100% spyware-free! Our Apps doesn't collect and/or share personal information with a third parties! Privacy policy: Please don't use reviews as a support forum! Please r... Show more

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Rob FreeApr 20, 2024

Edit: After posting a negative review it stopped working altogether, if anyone had doubts about the tracking. Used it for years, but it breaks default settings and fails to save the manual ones. After updates the options no longer display and "have been moved to another location" that is an external website. That website is blocked. Even after "unblocking" it, it still shows blocked, so settings are unavailable. Definitely not a way to manage an EXTENSION - this is supposed to be an extensio... Show more

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GaneshApr 17, 2024

Disappointing. I am unable to change any settings. I am automatically redirected to another page which is full of ads and difficult to access options.

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President RxMar 19, 2024


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