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Rohit Swarup

Feb 8, 2019

Unable to add a local image file

I need to add a screenshot inline but whenever I am doing that using the text or the image dialog, it inly shows file not found.

Any idea how to achieve it
Note: Lets say the image reside at C:\images\sky.jpg.

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 23, 2017

Can not save local file

System: Ubuntu 16.04 amd64
1. Create an empty file in Desktop
2. Open Mado, and then open the
3. edit
4. save
5. reopen the file
6. nothing was saved.

Przemysław Pinczak

Sep 23, 2016

Mado as a Screenwriting editor

Please add the Fountain syntax. Fountain is a mardown for screenwriting. Ii is OpenSource. Just look at this:
Best regard!

Richard Andrew

May 26, 2016


Hello. How do I copy the resulting HTML from the editor?


Mar 3, 2016

Full Github Flavored md support

I only wish that when I put my md onto github it's layout doesn't change

Daniel Weaver

Jan 25, 2016

Google Drive Support?

Awesome work on this app. Any plans to add google drive support?

Matthew Cooper

Apr 25, 2015

night mode!

please, I'd give anything, I love this program but my retinas are burning

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 24, 2015

Cannot save to dropbox or google drive

Can not save to dropbox or google drive

Thomas Castonguay-Gagnon

Jan 12, 2015

Interface no longer working

Since the January 11th update, the graphical interface no longer works under linux

Peter van der Meulen

Oct 1, 2014

Interface icons are weird

Hi developer,

When opening mado I am since a few days greeted with weird icons it seems another icon font is suddenly used.

I've included a screenshot of mado on imgur you can check it here:
Tech specs on this "client" side are:

Ubuntu 14.04
Google chrome beta (official chrome not chromium)
Mado version

Google apps