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Rajesh Shrestha

Apr 11, 2023


Hi there, can you center the lyrics in your extension? It would greatly improve the user experience. Thanks

Tommy Swenson

Jan 31, 2023

YOUTUBE find no source often

It only seems to work if I click search and manually edit song title, because theres aways HD live, or the year added.tothe title.

Can you edit the auto search to disallow words in quotes or brackets? Thanks tho still the best one out there, thanks!!


Feb 17, 2022

How to get this extension to work?

It used to work
But now it just won't show lyrics via for example Genius, it shows "lyrics not find", but if I go to Genius site lyrics are there.
Manual search doesn't work either.

Ryan M

Nov 16, 2021

Automatic lyrics not working

I left a review outlining the problem, copying here
The automatic searching isn't working for me for spotify. I have my configuration like so
I can manually search but it would be killer if it searched right when I hit play on a song like advertised.
Any advice?

Forgot to mention I'm using the spotify web player at
I also checked the developer console for any clues and didn't see anything. The popup shows up for spotify, I can manually search just fine, but automatic search just doesn't happen.

On youtube the automatic lyrics work as I'd expect.
Would happily change my review to 5 stars if you help me :)

Emanuel Herrera

Aug 23, 2021

new lyrics provider

For spanish songs it will be great to have


Aug 8, 2021

YouTube Music.

May I suggest this for Youtube Music site too please. I have been using this for a long long time and I would prefer to use this as I move to another browser. Thanks.

Roger “Ruch” Llovet Majó

May 25, 2021

Is it working for Spotify web player?

Is it working for Spotify web player?
It does for youtube, in Spotify the window shows but it is not automatically showing any lyrics, i need to search manually.

Thanks in advance

Orlando Salazar

Apr 2, 2021

YouTube Music

Hi Rob, Im huge fan of your ingenious creation, your lyrics extension is so elegant/beautiful yet simple and fast. Please if you can, please please please replace "Google Music" with the new "YouTube Music". Im about to cancel the YT plan just bc it's not incorporated in the Lyric Here extension.


Mar 13, 2021

Automatic lyrics

Hi! First of all thank you for the app, I've been enjoying it for a while.
I'm sure the question must have been asked already, but I would like to know if the addon will still be updated.
Thank you for your work!

Anmol Layal

Jan 2, 2021

Increasing the search engine accuracy

Good Morning Sir, I am the admin of Lyrics website . I am regular user of your extension . I may have to say your extension is so useful .And I have a suggestion or a form of request to you .You can check upon my website as I am uploading latest lyrics on daily basis with great variety. Adding My Website as a source may help your extension to get better data with great accuracy.

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