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Nikki Broadwell

Sep 7, 2018

my home page

all of a sudden my list of pages on my home page isn't there!


Dec 29, 2017

Font Color

Can the font color be changed. It's way to dark and hard to read.

joeray tai

Oct 8, 2017


Its too zoomed in for me

Amelia Greco

Jun 9, 2017


the picture id too zoomed in so can only see the clouds. how do I fix this

raghda adel hassan

Jun 6, 2017

Theme Font

Can I Change the Font color of the writing in the theme> The writing of the selected tab is black and the theme is dark so I can not see the writing

Luana McPherson

Apr 2, 2017

sites in front of pic on screen

I don't want to see anything but the wallpaper picture

Natalia Martinez

Feb 19, 2017


cómo ajusto el tema para que me salga la imagen completa en el navegador? pues me salen solo las nubes, cómo arreglo esto?

marcela velez

Feb 18, 2017

chrome store ando

i need to display a cookie the program and dont work

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 15, 2017


I think that the background is beautiful, 5 stars you should get it!

Michel Irand

Dec 22, 2016


tous en francais

Google apps