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Bruce Schechter

Sep 26, 2023


I'd really like a pop-up definition when I right click (or double click) on a word.

Bruce Schechter

Sep 26, 2023

Alt--W not working

sRiglt-ht clicking works OK, but nothing happens when I press Alt-W.

Marcelo Marcelo

Mar 30, 2021

Double-clicking on a word to get its definition stopped working

The first time I installed, the double-clicking feature worked nicely, but now, it simply stopped working. So, when I'm reading an article online, such as the New York Times, I can right-click on a word to get its defintion, but double-clicking on it will not work anymore. Plus, the "options" in the settings of the extension appears disabled, grayed out. Thanks in advance.

Johan Sheridan

Jun 11, 2020

Was this extension recently updated?

Forgive me, I am trying to figure out a problem. My MW dictionary extension disappeared from chrome when I migrated, and I'm trying to find out if this is the same extension that I previously had.
The extension I had created a popup when you highlighted/double clicked a word, and would give you the MW definition without going to a new page. It seems like the behavior for your extension adds a context menu item when you right click. Is this a recent update? Did your app used to behave differently?
I am sorry to bother you! Thanks for any help you might have.

A Chrome Web Store user

May 14, 2018

install of merrium webster

How can i install merrium webster?

Nithya Rajan

Feb 18, 2018

Unabridged Merriam-Webster

If possible could you add an option to look up unabridged merriam-webster instead of regular merriam webster?

The base url for unabridged merriam-webster search is:"search term"

Thank you

Margaret Cline Harmon

Aug 10, 2017

The voice prompt stopped working

I love the Merriam-Webster App; however, the voice prompt stopped working. I use it daily! Do you have any suggestions for restoring it?

Charles Souza

Jun 24, 2017

Open the dictionary in popup or modal page

Open the dictionary in popup or modal page.

Ahmad Zamanifar

Oct 16, 2016



Cameron Dowdle

May 16, 2016

Inline the definition

What I want is for me to highlight a single word and the definition pops up. Or I highlight and hit a hot key. If ya'll aren't going to do it, I am but I can't make it public with the 1000 hits / day restriction.

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