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Hope Sampier

Nov 3, 2023

Error in all SF instances

Hi there! When trying to use the extension (which I LOVE, btw) today, I get the error "INVALID_SESSION_ID: Session expired or invalid" -- but I'm logged into chrome, I have permissions to log in as other users, etc. What would be causing this issue? Any ideas on what else I could try?

Sylvie Jacobi-McCarthy

Apr 29, 2020

Signs in as user in prod instead of sandbox

Hi, this extension has made life a lot easier so thank you!
Recently when I login as a user and I'm in a sandbox it refreshes logged in as the user in Prod. For me it's quite obvious because I'm also using Salesforce Colored Favicons to color the cloud icons of each environment. but it did scare the hell out of me a couple times so I've reverted to manually signing in as users.
Thanks again for your work.

Kenny Buckles

Apr 10, 2019

Is data sent anywhere?

Is data sent or stored anywhere or does it stay secure?

Deb Weller

Nov 6, 2018

Ability to sort by columns or filter list

We user Customer Communities so have a ton of external users, but we only want to login as internal users - I would like to suggest the ability to filter by user type (other options would be great too!) or sort the columns.

Pascaline Spengler

Aug 30, 2018

LogOut Landing Page


just download your great extension after my Org switched to Lightning which isn't supported by the Extension I used before.
Great stuff here, Love it :-)

Just one question: am I doing something wrong or is it intended that after I click "Logout as User xxx" I land on the Salesforce Login Page ?
I expected not to be fully logged out but to remain on the same page logged in as myself again...

Thanks for your Support !

Justin Mitchell

Feb 2, 2017

add user id column

This extension is very valuable and useful for me. Thank you.
Would you be able to add a column (even if it's an optional column) for UserID?

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