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Apr 29, 2020

Doesn't work

What is this trash extension? I open Linkedin and this locksmith extension doesn't do nothing. It's supposed to reveal the last name. But it doesn't. Fix it or pull it off the web. Absolutely useless.

Helal Uddin Chowdhury

Feb 20, 2017

LinkedIn new look

It doesn't work on LinkedIn new look. Hope we will get an update soon.

It's Me

Jan 2, 2017


Guys, It doesn't seem as though anybody has success with this and it was never working. Do you have any response?

It's Me

Jan 2, 2017


Hello, I installed this Dec 2016 but it doesn't seem to do anything? Even when I pull up a lInkedin connection that is 3rd degree or not even that. Could you please advise?

Dan O'Donnell

May 13, 2016

cant get to work

cant get to work, just stays greyed out??

Aleli Sol Chapiro Deutsch

Mar 31, 2016


Hola podrían poner un instructivo más claro de como se usa?GraciaS

Hello, Could you give me the way to use it? It is not clear for me. Thanks

Eduardo Nieto

Jul 26, 2015

No funciona/It doesn´t work

He añadido el app pero no aparece ícono alguno y no se activa la función, cordiales saludos/ I did add the app but not any icon appears neigther function activated, Best regards

Laura C

Jul 24, 2015

where is it?

I Added ti chrome but I don't find it. Could you help me?


Jul 22, 2015

Does not work

It doesn´t work !!
I added to chrome and simply theicon doesn´t appear at the chrome bar. Any one?


Jul 20, 2015

icon does not appear

Hi, I've installed tha app, in chrome, but the icon does not appear on the toolbar, so I don't know how to activate and use the app.

Thanks in advance,

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