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Mohamed Badawy

Apr 16, 2024

chrome lock

i forget the chrome lock and i cant access my chrome and i cannot access the extensions to delete it

Trúc Nguyễn Thị Thanh

Apr 30, 2023

không thể vào được dù pass đúng

gõ mật khẩu đúng như không thể vào được

אילה זומר

Mar 26, 2023

האם תוכל לשדרג את התוסף כך שהוא יעבוד?

התוסף חשוב מאוד, אשמח אם תוכל לשדרג אותו.

Tess Liebersohn

Nov 14, 2018

Change lock time

Right now when I click the lock icon, it automatically goes to 60 min, much longer than I want to set the lock timer for (I want to set it for 10 and 15). Is there a way to control the lock timing?

Mario Stival

Dec 21, 2017

desbloquear pop up

não consigo acessar algumas páginas do site Portal da UNIMED

Curtis Bear

Oct 11, 2017

my andriod

unlock google

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 22, 2017


how can i remove google lock on zte pro

Katrina Foster

Jul 1, 2017


how do i take off this extension

Mehdi Shams

Oct 16, 2014

no access download

hi this app cant download and meassage reload page but after reload cant download

Chris Serrao

Apr 19, 2014

Does not work at all

Terrible application.
I set the timeout to a minute and minimized chrome.
After a minute I got the alert for the password. I cancelled and then I started getting pop-ups. I checked on the checkbox, "Stop this page from showing more pop-ups", and then I was able to access chrome and all the tabs and click on links, buttons, etc.

Please do not upload apps that do not work at all. Have them tested first.

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