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Mitja Požar

Apr 14, 2022

Wrong timezone/format

Hi, I am from Europe/Slovenia and the time shown is in CEST format which is not something we use. Is there any way I can change that?

Kyle Schutter

Jul 27, 2021

Does not work well in dark mode

I can't easily read the translation when on reddit in darkmode, because it has a white background.

Wild Dog

Dec 10, 2020

Love the idea, but wish it could translate to the 12 hour format.

It's not really translating the way I need it to otherwise and I don't feel like converting to military time just yet. Also, there's some detection issues.

For example I was just on the contact page for Barilla:

And it didn't notice "Call us on
(8 AM - 5 PM CST,
Mon - Fri)"


Mar 28, 2018

Prevent False Positives

Gets a few false positives, like in usernames (e.g. it'll convert 4PT in R4PTUR3). A good way to avoid this would be to check for whitespace or punctuation before converting.
It would be great to have an easy way to view the original text, either by clicking or mouse-over.


Mar 21, 2018


Doesn't work on

Top right time is in UTC and the extension doesn't change it to EST

Modesto Segovia Jr.

Mar 15, 2018




Mar 14, 2018

custom css

customize the end resulting text css

Lily Denardo

Dec 6, 2017

Isn't working on AWS Console

There are times shown like "October 24, 2017 at 4:20:00 PM UTC-4". These do not seem to be converted to my timezone, EST.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 17, 2017

Doesn't work on Crashlytics

Please add support for Fabric's Crashlytics.


Philip Norton

Jan 9, 2017

Changed times display with a light background

However, if the text is light (originally on a dark background) then it is difficult to read the new time.

Instead of changing background, perhaps use CSS to add an icon before the time indicating that the time has been changed?

Would it be possible to use abbreviated timezones? "SAST" instead of "South African Standard Time"?

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