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Danny Bardowell

Apr 1, 2020

So far so good. One issue

When playing a video and casting to chromecast via the Chrome browser I'm getting a blue line around the video window in full screen mode.

Any suggestions?



Miguel Ángel Abós Sanz

Mar 19, 2020

Can I play a playlist or only individual files?

That's all!

Minh Cường

Mar 7, 2019

Playing online media files by using direct URL


How can we play online media files by using direct URL?

Thanks so much for your extension.

Ricardo Rocha

May 20, 2018


is there a AVI to Windows media converter

Tom Poleski

Mar 27, 2018

Support .mid?

Is playing of .mid files supported?

Marcos Ribeiro

Jan 14, 2018

No Sound and No Sound Controler

Here, the same problem reported by other users have also happened: it plays mkv files, but with no sound. By the way, it also does not show any controler to let us highten or lower the sound volume.

Hope the problem is solved, because this extension, when working, will let us to play mkv videos in TV sets away from the computer using Chromecast.

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 23, 2017

No sound when I play MKV files

Video is perfect but there is no sound. Any suggestions ?

Yuliya Demchak

Jul 27, 2017

Extension buyout

I am interested in acquiring your extension "Local Media Player".

Please contact me at:

Marc Lichtendonk

Jun 13, 2017

No sound or no image

A lot of video's give no sound (but it does show video) or the other way around (sound, but no video). What kind of problem is this?

Jane Singer

May 3, 2017

srt files

will it support subtile files (srt)?

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