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Osman Goni

Oct 20, 2023

Don't open live reload

Please help me

Igor Wojda

Feb 24, 2023

Hard to determine extension enabled/disabled state by looking at extension icon on the 4K screen

Chrome extension Icon is hardly visible on 4k screen - it is very hard to spot whatever live reload is enable or disabled just by looking at the icon itself (tooltip does the this but it is time consuming). Please consider changing icon colors green/red to denote the live reload enabled/disabled state.

Шест Бугорный

Sep 16, 2022

Plugin for sublime text not found

Sublime text does not find the plugin. What to do? How to install?


May 9, 2022

install error

Failed to move extension directory to profile.
My chrome version is up to date.

presta x

Sep 12, 2021



Beqa shekiladze

Jul 11, 2020

I miss LiveReload on Chrome

Hi, installed some package on sublime, don't remember the name, removed it, and after that LiveReload wont wokr on chrome, but it works on Mozilla

Harsh M Gandhi

Dec 24, 2019

no work

Y this feature is not working in my desktop or in any sublime or editor file ...

Stavros Sofroniadis

Oct 24, 2019

Assistance about LiveReload

Have Installed LiveReload application

as well as LiveReload extension but stiil canot use it.

If you could assist,

Thank You,

Сергей Корелин

Aug 25, 2019

view-source, styles.css

Is it possible to update on the view-source page (like "view-source:localhost:4567") ?

Does not refresh the page when changes are made to the file "localhost:4567/styles.css"

Jason Adams

Aug 24, 2019

"Cannot load livereload.js" issue

Not sure why, but since reinstalling this extension in a new browser it's stopped working. When I click on it I'm just greeted with a js alert that says "cannot load livereload.js". I'm using the latest version of Laravel Mix which includes everything needed (it's what I've used with this extension for a long while).

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