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Jul 27, 2017


I have live feed on my desk top but cant seem to get it on my laptop or other pc..I get the page but no broadcast

Charles Emmett

Jul 10, 2017

LNC Msnbc Feed


Whenever I watch Msnbc online @, the video and audio begin to break up whenever Donald Trump's name is mentioned. Today the feed breaks up every time the Russian investigation is mentioned. The news feed is breaking up just enough to annoy and distract the viewer, (me).

Have you been hacked? Is someone or some entity deliberately disabling the information you are trying to provide?

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 1, 2016

Ad blocker

The 'disable ad blocker' page is constantly opening. I don't have an ad blocker installed. By opening this page you are blocking your own ads.

Antonia Felix, Ed.D.

Jul 15, 2016

doesn't work

I click on a video link and nothing happens. Using a chromebook.

Harald Kapper

Jan 26, 2016

Android app pls

please make an android app available, streaming on android is simply not working.

thank you

Reynaldo Haughton

Feb 28, 2015

chrome app

my chrome app is installed but not working

Albert Nairn

Sep 13, 2014

Live updates

I was thinking, Is it possible to be notified about news that I may be of special interest to me.

Samiya Hicks

Jun 23, 2014

see msnbc live shows?

I can't get my daytime msnbc shows.

Cece Rider

May 20, 2014

how to install LNC chrome extension/app on android

No problem extending chrome on desktop pc. How do I get an app or extension to work on my Galaxy tablet?

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