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olli tuominen

Dec 18, 2023


This has been working perfectly for a long time but now it has been super laggy. it doesnt let me write any css and it just lags. When i type a letter, i can only see that letter i just typed but after i type another letter, the previous letter disappears completely.


Aug 2, 2023

cant run on edge

my computer is so bad the only browser it can run is microsoft edge, your css editor is the best one out there so i really need it. But it says its uncompatible and my computer does not download google chrome, it just doesnt. can you please update it for things less than update 102? it would help a lot.

Kavinder Rawal

Aug 2, 2023

Shortcut to open the extension on Mac(Chrome)

Hi what is the shortcut to quickly open the extension on Mac?

Tom Bristol

Jun 27, 2023

Color Picker Not Working

The color picker isn't working in this release. Per github, it was fixed but I don't think it was updated here in the Chrome store.

f systems

Feb 22, 2023

Not works

hi. seems on latest updtafe of chrome the extension doenst work. i click on it and it doenst do anything. it doesnt open

Scotty Fitz

Dec 9, 2022

Code /region collapsing

First of all - This extension has totally changed the way I work - Thank you SO MUCH !
Is ther an option that I haven't found that enables code / region collapsing as per a lot of IDEs ? It would make my sass coding even easier !


Aug 30, 2022

Comment Shortcut

It would be nice if you add a feature that you can press a shortcut while editing and the selected lines get a "//" at the start and the lines where at the start "//" is will remove this.
If you implement it please make the shortcut changeable (in other programs i use "ctrl+y" (QWERTZ-Keyboard)).


Aug 3, 2022

Code Disappeared

Hi, I've been using your extension for a while and I absolutely love it! Yesterday though a domain / page in which I use your extension changed urls (from http to https) and so the code that was previously saved and always showed up, disappeared. Since it was very important code and memo written there, there is a way to recover it somehow? ;w;
Thanks for your time!

Rashedul Islam

Jun 19, 2022

web devoloper

i cannot know about this side plese explene it.

Zhan Arno

Dec 17, 2021

Add word wrap option

Hello, please add word wrap option.

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