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Vince Wilson

May 24, 2023

doesn't work

not working, luckily i found one that works

Frying Pan

Apr 22, 2018

Why is this a thing?

You can literally do this by right clicking in the YouTube player, and clicking Loop. No extensions required

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 12, 2018

youtube views

does every repeated video add views to it?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 22, 2017


why its not workin i added to crome and enabled it now it din't work


Dec 28, 2016


這樣的撥放 有點奇怪

Joe's Rib

Dec 19, 2016

Video starts then restarts immediately.

The song will start on Listen On Repeat then immediately start over 2-3 seconds into the song.


Dec 18, 2016

Login problem

I cannot login at all, always says refresh page something is not functioning pls fix


Jan 8, 2016

repeat does not work at times

sometimes the song does not repeat

Zhanna Luchezarova

Jan 4, 2016

Extension buyout

I am interested in acquiring your extension "Listen on Repeat Youtube Video Repeater" for a very good price.

Please contact me at:

Lily McDaniel

Jan 2, 2016

Titles not Showing Up

This may not be the biggest problem I guess, but the titles to about 85% of my repeated feed wont show up, and although I can watch videos it doesn't count the new repeats. Also, when I start a new video it does not show up in my feed. Maybe not the biggest issues, but still annoying I guess. Just me, or does this happen to others as well? It's been like this for about three days.

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