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Dylan Nack

Aug 5, 2022


I recently purchased premium, but when I click on 'change subscription' the page that appears says I only have 'free'. Why?

Alvaro Santos

Apr 5, 2022

Written command list

I have ADHD and find the help window overwhelming. Is there a written command list i can download. Basically the help drop down.
Thank you,

Mike Rempel

Feb 5, 2022

Not compatible with Group Speed Dial

Good day
I would like to use this extention but, when I installed it, it stopped my GROUP SPEED DIAL from displaying.. Checking the settings it did clearly say that it was not compatible with speed dial. But I don't want to use it with Group Speed Dial. .. Is there anyway I can use both.

Mark Fedenia

Feb 2, 2022

Cancel subscription

I want to cancel my subscription and I cannot find information on how to do this. Please advise.

Mark Tiburzio

Oct 26, 2021

Lip surf works once and then quits

If I try to get it working a second time, I have to uninstall the program and reinstall it. And then to get it working time, I have to do the same thing.

Adnan gohar

Sep 28, 2021


Hi I have subscribed to it and now want to end this subscription. Can you please send me a link from where I can do it?


Allen Klesh

Aug 6, 2021

will not stay active in Chrome

title pretty much says it all I can start it and it disables iitself n 5 minutes

David Roman

Mar 24, 2021

Not working


Dealing with a bad case of carpal tunnel and was really excited to give this a try but unfortunately it is not functioning for me.

I have given microphone access. The plugin icon is saying that it is activated, however nothing happens when I attempt to prompt.

michele harmon

Mar 4, 2021

how do you join Lipsurf?

can't find anyway to sign up for this service


Feb 15, 2021

Google sheets not working.. thanks

Google sheets not working.. thanks

Google apps