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Mimi N

Sep 25, 2023

Not working on MS Edge.

Can't seem to get this to work with edge at least. Using the short cuts don't really do anything.

Joel Forsyth

Jan 5, 2023

Certain links aren't disabled

On, there is a mix of links that have and haven't been disabled. NPR Shop is fine, but Sign In and Donate aren't. The story types are fine, but the bit next to the NPR logo isn't. Most notably, the links to other stories under "More Stories From NPR" haven't been disabled.

Bryan Duke (wolfduke)

Feb 23, 2021

Improve it

We all copy paste text but we dont want to paste live links. Your extension when switched on still pastes live links. There are other reason for switching off links you know.


Feb 6, 2021

Works great but does not block dynamic links.

e.g. Go to and type a web address in the left box, google translates that plain text url into a link in the right side box and you can click on it.


Jan 31, 2021

doesn't work

Same as above, not disabling anything. first trying it the mouse hand quit showing as if it disabled the links but they still worked. i shut if off and on a few times (looking through developer tools and saw no errors when reloading pages and when enabling and disabling) although doing that made the mouse hand come back... while still no disabled links. windows7-64 & chrome portable.

Patrick Lines-Mattei

Oct 25, 2019

Not working?

I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if this just isn't working. I added it to Chrome, restarted the browser, and tried both the keyboard shortcut and clicking the extension, but links are still opening.

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