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Elliot Bay

Feb 19, 2022

Linkman does not load with Win10

I have had to obtain a new laptop and have been able to arrange for the hard drive on my old laptop to be successfully cloned to my new laptop. I am running win 10 and Linkman worked perfectly on my old laptop and loaded automatically when Win 10 started..
Linkman works on my new laptop but does not load when Win 10 starts and the Linkman Chrome does not work. If I start Linkman manually it works, all my old bookmarks are there and I can use the Linkman Chrome app, but only if I start Linkman manually. I am using the Chrome browser and have installed the Linkman app in Chrome. I have done the following to try and fix the problem:

Changed the port to 81.
Removed the Linkman Chrome app and reinstalled it.
Uninstalled Linkman and reinstalled it.

None of the above have fixed the problem. Can you offer a solution, please. I have sent several emails to Outertech Support but have had no replies.
John Elliot

Christian Noer

Sep 23, 2017

Vivaldi support

I'm a Linkman fan and been using it for a few years. Since I switched to the Vivaldi browser and use this extension, something's not right, unfortunately. I can add links to the database, but search in Linkman does not work. What happens is that I get the Linkman search window, but when I try to launch the link it says that default browser is not found. Searching from the tray icon works as intended and launches the link in Vivaldi. Is there any way to fix this?

Greg Holman

Apr 30, 2015

Link Alarms

I am a owner of LINKMAN PRO and it is a fabulous product. My suggestion to improve it is to provide a feature to SET AN ALARM on a link, fire the link at alarm time, and display the COMMENTS or other user-directed content as a pop-up over the link once up and in the browser. Adding a snooze capability would be great, but just an alarm would be great as a reminder to do something about a link or link.

Thanks for considering.

John Tedesco

Apr 17, 2015

No more hotkeys?

Did the latest update remove the hotkey function? If so, is that coming back?

Justin Cram

Feb 17, 2015

Duplication detector is a joke in pro!

I'm sorry but you've failed me and your other pro customers!

Your duplication detection system is the biggest joke of dup detectors out there available to Desktops or Mobile!

I've more then certainly wasted my money & Time Through and Through here!

May i suggest to Update your very dated software to new design interface with more detailed functionality then just basic stuff.

the Mozilla Firefox Native Bookmark Duplication manager is light years ahead of your software which I paid for Pro of all your software thinking I'd support you guys but you have failed on an ultra low here for us customers!

Please fix and Re-Think your whole program to work and function and look up to 2015 guys come on now. You still have listed in the browser as an option Netscape seriously!

________Below here is my latest Review______________

I own Pro, an this does not make bookmark management easier in the least!

Duplicate Finder is overall basic and a super waste of time and my money!

I'm very disappointed with my purchase of Linkman Pro and also cacheman Pro & StartEd Pro All have been a super waste of my time and money!

I'm sorry Outertech I really wanted to beilive you had our interest in mind when you made these you went to complicated for the average user for sure! And for the advanced user like myself whom has been computing since 1982 and work with computers finds your tool dull and useless! Plus you have yet to take linkman pro to mobile also. Your apps are all dated! Cacheman Pro Is terrible in windows 7 Ultimate and worse in Window 8.1 Pro! I have 32GB System ram and it didn't help me at all!

Justin Cram
February 17,2015

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