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Apr 5, 2023

Using this in Brave, i cannot load YouTube videoes

When ever i use this, YouTube wont display any videoes, it just stand and load... after a while i get:
Aw, Snap!
Something went wrong while displaying the webpage.
Error code: Out of Memory

And with 128 gb memory, I'm pretty sure it did not run out of memory. (less than 10 gb used for all windows tasks)

Digital CHET

Mar 23, 2018

Google Issues

Just tried this out and discovered the same issues with Google Search as other users here.
A site blacklist option would address this.


Feb 12, 2018


messes up Google search with all those shortcuts to apps

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 30, 2017

Google-Suche unbenutzbar

Wenn dieses Addon aktiviert ist, wird die Google-Suche unbenutzbar. Das Layout der Google Suchseite gerät völlig durcheinander. Schade! :-(

Mihail Garchev

Oct 22, 2017

stopped working in latest Google

Won't let you login to Google and messes up Google Search

David Chmelik

Jul 10, 2017

crashes Google sites

Won't let you login to Google and doesn't show Google Search, GMail, Google Plus, probably all pages, usably.

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 12, 2016

Causes issue with Google+

This extension will stop Google+ from loading properly.
As soon as it is uninstalled Google+ works fine. This is with Chrome Browser 53.02785.101

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